EM Roelofs
Bijlstraat 91
7523 CK

“Looking for dedicated commercial agents in Europe?”

Our team specialized in sales representation and business development across the Benelux region, encompassing the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. However we extend our services throughout all Europe. Partner with us to leverage our expertise in market expansion and gain access to our extensive distribution network. 

Our company provides comprehensive support to various retailers and/or their brands to successfully represent them. We believe in building sustainable partnerships and, on behalf of our clients, establish networks of (potential) customers. In this capacity, we handle the entire commercial process, leveraging our extensive knowledge of the overall market to accelerate swiftly and take concrete actions.

With a broad network across diverse markets and countries, our strong presence is particularly felt in Europe. This is why we focus on two-sided commercial activities. We target international companies and brands seeking to expand into the Benelux region and collaborate with a local partner. Additionally, we assist Dutch companies in uncovering growth opportunities abroad. In this capacity, we assume the role of facilitator to help actualize expansion into foreign markets. Some of the tasks we can undertake in this role include:

  • Thorough analysis of the respective market, discussing market entry strategy and growth potential together
  • Customer engagement, establishing contacts and serving as the initial point of contact for clients
  • Initiating new sales projects and/or expanding a (potential) client portfolio
  • Establishing the logistics flow and distribution capabilities
  • Monitoring trends and market demand in the relevant region
  • Negotiating sales terms and conditions (pricing, terms, etc.).
  • Participating in sales meetings and events, if desired

We share a connection with our clients’ journey and their vision. Together, we construct success stories, witnessing businesses and brands thrive and flourish in new markets and cultures.


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