Allies United

Allies United
Allies United
Elise Verbeek
C.P.M. Rommeplantsoen 75

We are Allies United. A sales and marketing agency focusing on the sustainable industry.

Allies United is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and was founded by two young female entrepreneurs looking to contribute to a better world.
We now live in an environmentally aware society where consumers are so much more aware of what they eat, drink and wear and where single use plastic is an absolute no-go that should be reduced in every way we can.

Building forward on that point of view we both decided we wanted to contribute to this industry by offering people a way of improving their lifestyle one step at a time.

At Allies United we collaborate with like-minded businesses and brands to make visions come alive and contribute to a better planet. We know that sustainability isn’t just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. We are here to make sure as many people as possible will come into contact with your brand or product and slowly but surely make a change in their lifestyle.
For those of you that share our vision, we’ll make it our mission to represent your company in Europe.

With years of building meaningful relationships in the industry we’re more than a bunch of sales tigers. We’re a family of like-minded people, using our passion and our skills to make a difference. We are your allies!

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